Thursday, January 28, 2010

Trailer wha?

As you can see through some of my preliminary sketches (please excuse the terribly dark quality of the photo-will fix that next time!) I am already in the midst of a new project.

This project is actually a part of the newly launched, F3, that is sponsoring a competition to kick start their company. This project is quite interesting because it calls for a different area of focus: an Airstream Trailer.

The program calls for a MUV, Music Utility Vehicle, that will be used to promote musical artists. It requires an appropriate amount of space for DJs, merchandise, cash wraps, etc. In essence, it will be an entertainment vehicle used to travel through various locations, reaching out to the targeted consumers to experience the music at first hand. Does that even make any sense? More details could be found on the website of course.

What is most interesting about this project is really that ... it is a trailer! How different it is to be designing such a large experience in such a confined space.

So I have been trying to start my ideations towards this project without much success at this point. It's really just sketches of interactive stations. Of course I will be updating my progress through this project. And at the moment, my childish sketches are quite embarrassing but we shall see where they lead me!

Oh the joys of confusion and stress at the beginning of every project!

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