Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Staples vs Kinkos

Is it in any way possible that these two images are actually exactly the same? If you can fathom it, these images were identical pre-printed.

Anyway, today was day two of my spring semester and the official first day of design classes. First class in the early morning was Advanced Drafting taught by a brilliant but verbose instructor. It is difficult to hold my attention span during these long lectures because I know dang well that they do not pertain to the immediate material. What a shame though because I am also very aware of the fact that they will become extremely important in a few months. Second class hit like an angry tornado with our fearless dean of design as she quickly snapped us back to the realities of school. Oh, Dorothy.

We went to the gallery after class for a presentation from a new company sponsoring our first project contest entry. F3, as they are called, are sponsoring a unique project for a student furniture design competition. It does not directly relate to everything we've done so far. But it is one of those challenges that pushes one to look beyond the obvious and try to reach new heights. We shall see where this one takes me.

The skies are gloomy today.


We braved the rain to escape the gloomy school atmosphere (after all, it IS school) and drove through heavy post accident traffic to grab some Starbucks. Thank you, Starbucks, for curing our woes. =)

Oh and guess who is here with us this week? The ultimate trouble maker! He is cute though.

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