Thursday, January 21, 2010

A Short Report

The Advantages of Being a Shorty.

1. Never being expected to hold the umbrella, especially since all the tall-ies get pissed off that your umbrella-holding is hurting their heads

2. Not having to look out and duck for low branches and unexplainable beams that stick out of nowhere.

3. Being able to shrink and fit into small spaces in case of an emergency.

4. Not having to worry about not wearing heels on a date.

5. Short rhymes with fort, port, retort, sort... Small rhymes with all, Fall, mall, call...and tall...

6. It's really difficult to find a dress that is TOO short.

7. Limbo (the game) is easy!

8. Sleeping on the couch does not require any scrunching of the legs.

9. It will not be as likely for us to be the first to be struck by lightning.

10. You always get to move to the front when people crowd around something/someone.

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