Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Is the week over yet?

Rawr! I am woman, I am strong!

Guess where I went today? It rhymes with mylands...

No, dear friends, I did not ditch school today to go eat Islands and take frivolous pictures around the house. Well, I did do some of that... but in actuality, today is a non-class day for me. And since it is the beginning of my semester, I am taking whatever opportunities of rest and relaxations coming my way. So after lunch with two of my close friends, I acted like mommy and dropped them off at school so that they could attend their very interesting/exciting/boring/sleepy History of Furniture Design class. Hehe.

I shall now close this short entry with my favorite pair of sunglasses from Kate Spade. I purchased these at an outlet up North. Aren't they beauteous?

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