Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Terminator Teaches Me a Lesson

One of the first movies I remember being exposed to as a youth was actually, Terminator 2. Yes, this may be an odd movie choice from a parental point of view but in fact it really has shown me something. Was that something a fear of having an army of super intelligent robots destroying all of mankind? No, not necessarily.

I actually started to question the idea of 'fate.' All connotations seem to point to the possibilities of having a predestined irreversible series of events. If all our futures were like the Terminator series where one cannot change his path, should we even be conscious of our personal beliefs? Choices? Does morality play a part in this? What I mean is no matter what we choose to do or say, inevitably our lives have been mapped out for us. Messes with the mind doesn't it?

Just being curious on a Tuesday night, back to my hummus!

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