Monday, January 25, 2010

First Day of School

Today, January 25, and it is officially my first day of Spring 2010 semester. Sighhhhh.

I am happy to be back from a restful break that was long yet not quite long enough. Though it was a lovely waste of time day after day watching various television series, sleepying, watching youtube videos, sleeping, watching myself eating, sleeping, you know - the usual. So since there is a new semester, I have decided to keep record of my experiences: triumphs, failures, and whatever else may come. I am going to challenge myself to keep blogging throughout the semester. Hopefully I can stick to this goal.

All last night I was worried about what this semester might bring. Will I have a terrible time stressing over what one of my brilliant instructors has so famously stated, "just a school project." I would like to make a goal for myself to be more relaxed this semester, not to say that I should be lax on deadlines and workmanship, but to be relaxed mentally.

After all, that instructor was right, it IS in fact just a school project and through the course of life it is not as important as it seems at the moment. I am ready to face the new challenges yet not quite ready to face any disappointments. But hey, it's life and whether you are ready or not, it is coming. So good luck to everyone and let's all do our best. Cheers -

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