Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Bones Bones Bones

Every time another new show praised and hyped up, I shy away. Why you might ask? Wouldn't you want to watch a great show?

The answer is yes but no.

I am one of those people who will find a point of interest and then proceed to enthusiastically divulge myself into it as much as possible. Anyone else out there share a similar problem/devotion? When I found the Nintendo DS game, Elite Beat Agents, I played nonstop until I finished the entire game. When I found scrapbooking, I visited Michaels for countless consecutive weeks and making books/cards in bulk. When I found Sex and the City, well, I lost a couple of weeks of sleep probably...

But these things all made me happy and though I lost sleep (and money) I felt they were all worthwhile. However, since the dawn of school, I have found less time to divulge myself into these activities and to be honest, I am glad.

That is until I found Bones. Darn you, Odododo! You have brought back my obsessive tendencies!!

Lesson of the day: GO WATCH BONES!!! It's really good!

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