Sunday, January 31, 2010

Weekend Recap

So now that I have shared my Friday with you all, allow me to also summarize my weekend. I cannot disclose too many details due to the personal nature of my weekend trip but let me share the fun stuff!


Off we went to our favorite summer getaway. Though we have gone consistently over the past five years or so, we have not quite made it this far into the pier area where they offer many unique boating activities.

I was so excited to finally have the opportunity to go whale watching. Granted this was not an experience I hungered for throughout my childhood, but it was in the talks for over two months and I was just happy to finally have it happen.

The day was long but well worthwhile. We spent the hours gazing at dolphins traveling in pods that ranged in size from six to thousands play around our boat. As a team, we all spread out to try to spot any sprouts of air from the water to identify any whale activity. If spotted, we were to report to the captain and he would then steer the boat to the location to investigate.

Chilled to bone, but intrigued for more, I stood by the handrails gazing out at the open sea. It is majestic and often taken for granted how amazing our world is around us. It just takes a simple $30 excursion out to our oceans to remind us.

Though this trip did not allow me to see any whales, I will remain patient and continue the search. Perhaps I did not spot them this time, but that does not deter me from trying again. Next time, I will brush up on speaking whale and we'll see. =)

I am back at home and unwillingly starting to pull out my forgotten homework. I had tried to research as much as I could on Friday to figure out what my plans were for this F3 competition. I think I have it now!

Since our instructor has suggested not concentrating on a general genre as it is too broad of a topic to cover, I will hone in on two opposite artists and make this trailer compatible for both needs. I am going to create a very avant-garde design for Lady Gaga and then allow it to transform into a comfortable mellow space for Jack Johnson. Wish me luck!

A Friday Recap

Friday Recap:

I went shopping with a certain someone:

Yes, that IS Odona-the little sister of mine. See the resemblance yet? No? Yeah, neither do I.

Anyway, we spent Friday afternoon driving through the deliciously heavy traffic of Pasadena. After braking and yelling while pumping my fist at inconsiderate drivers, we arrived in Old Town and headed straight to Blick Art Supplies where I needed to purchase yet another roll of tracing paper. I asked Odona to take some "candid" shots of me to show the gracious backdrop of the city while capturing my purchases. Unaware of the state of my hair at the moment, I apologize for its obnoxious charm. It refuses to sit still.

Yes yes, that is another Lush bag you see! I could not help myself after finding out about their amazing deal: Head, Shoulders, Knees, and Toes. They offer 9 different products for you to try for only $25! Granted some things were full sized while others weren't, it did not matter because it is always a delight to find another new product in your hands. All the excitement of its unknown possibilities makes up for the fact that I have yet another Lush purchase that awaits my usage. Oh well. =)

I also decided to drive by one of my best friend's neighborhoods to show you guys some seriously jaw-dropping properties that have been featured in various movie interior scenes.

This house was used in, The Holiday, featuring Cameron Diaz, Kate Winslet, Jack Black, and Jude Law.

This horribly shot picture was in the movie, Legally Blonde, starring Reese Witherspoon. Just the house, not the gardener van.

Saturday, January 30, 2010

Quick Break!

I know I said I would write in my blog as much as possible to record this semester, but... well, this weekend will be one of those off days. I need to take a personal day. I need a sick note. I need a pardon.

Actually, I am doing an early anniversary celebration with my boyfriend this weekend so I will not be able to update! But we are going somewhere fun tomorrow so I will update you later with all my fun travels! =)

Thursday, January 28, 2010

Trailer wha?

As you can see through some of my preliminary sketches (please excuse the terribly dark quality of the photo-will fix that next time!) I am already in the midst of a new project.

This project is actually a part of the newly launched, F3, that is sponsoring a competition to kick start their company. This project is quite interesting because it calls for a different area of focus: an Airstream Trailer.

The program calls for a MUV, Music Utility Vehicle, that will be used to promote musical artists. It requires an appropriate amount of space for DJs, merchandise, cash wraps, etc. In essence, it will be an entertainment vehicle used to travel through various locations, reaching out to the targeted consumers to experience the music at first hand. Does that even make any sense? More details could be found on the website of course.

What is most interesting about this project is really that ... it is a trailer! How different it is to be designing such a large experience in such a confined space.

So I have been trying to start my ideations towards this project without much success at this point. It's really just sketches of interactive stations. Of course I will be updating my progress through this project. And at the moment, my childish sketches are quite embarrassing but we shall see where they lead me!

Oh the joys of confusion and stress at the beginning of every project!

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Is the week over yet?

Rawr! I am woman, I am strong!

Guess where I went today? It rhymes with mylands...

No, dear friends, I did not ditch school today to go eat Islands and take frivolous pictures around the house. Well, I did do some of that... but in actuality, today is a non-class day for me. And since it is the beginning of my semester, I am taking whatever opportunities of rest and relaxations coming my way. So after lunch with two of my close friends, I acted like mommy and dropped them off at school so that they could attend their very interesting/exciting/boring/sleepy History of Furniture Design class. Hehe.

I shall now close this short entry with my favorite pair of sunglasses from Kate Spade. I purchased these at an outlet up North. Aren't they beauteous?

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Staples vs Kinkos

Is it in any way possible that these two images are actually exactly the same? If you can fathom it, these images were identical pre-printed.

Anyway, today was day two of my spring semester and the official first day of design classes. First class in the early morning was Advanced Drafting taught by a brilliant but verbose instructor. It is difficult to hold my attention span during these long lectures because I know dang well that they do not pertain to the immediate material. What a shame though because I am also very aware of the fact that they will become extremely important in a few months. Second class hit like an angry tornado with our fearless dean of design as she quickly snapped us back to the realities of school. Oh, Dorothy.

We went to the gallery after class for a presentation from a new company sponsoring our first project contest entry. F3, as they are called, are sponsoring a unique project for a student furniture design competition. It does not directly relate to everything we've done so far. But it is one of those challenges that pushes one to look beyond the obvious and try to reach new heights. We shall see where this one takes me.

The skies are gloomy today.


We braved the rain to escape the gloomy school atmosphere (after all, it IS school) and drove through heavy post accident traffic to grab some Starbucks. Thank you, Starbucks, for curing our woes. =)

Oh and guess who is here with us this week? The ultimate trouble maker! He is cute though.

Monday, January 25, 2010

There is quite a lot of yellow here

While making my usual video of the day, I noticed the terribly yellow lighting I have...and the terribly yellow walls...and my terribly yellow skin. Oye Vey.

So here is the final test

First Day of School

Today, January 25, and it is officially my first day of Spring 2010 semester. Sighhhhh.

I am happy to be back from a restful break that was long yet not quite long enough. Though it was a lovely waste of time day after day watching various television series, sleepying, watching youtube videos, sleeping, watching myself eating, sleeping, you know - the usual. So since there is a new semester, I have decided to keep record of my experiences: triumphs, failures, and whatever else may come. I am going to challenge myself to keep blogging throughout the semester. Hopefully I can stick to this goal.

All last night I was worried about what this semester might bring. Will I have a terrible time stressing over what one of my brilliant instructors has so famously stated, "just a school project." I would like to make a goal for myself to be more relaxed this semester, not to say that I should be lax on deadlines and workmanship, but to be relaxed mentally.

After all, that instructor was right, it IS in fact just a school project and through the course of life it is not as important as it seems at the moment. I am ready to face the new challenges yet not quite ready to face any disappointments. But hey, it's life and whether you are ready or not, it is coming. So good luck to everyone and let's all do our best. Cheers -

Saturday, January 23, 2010

Thanks for the Late Night Laughs, Conan

Today was officially the last official night of the Late Night Show with Conan O'Brien and oh how we shall miss him.

Conan, otherwise known as CoCo, has dedicated his past sixteen years to entertaining the late night folk with his quick wit, sarcasm, and lovable yet lame skits. =)

I will miss CoCo! He was and always will be my favorite talk show host.

Bravo, sir! Bravo and cheers.

Thursday, January 21, 2010

A Short Report

The Advantages of Being a Shorty.

1. Never being expected to hold the umbrella, especially since all the tall-ies get pissed off that your umbrella-holding is hurting their heads

2. Not having to look out and duck for low branches and unexplainable beams that stick out of nowhere.

3. Being able to shrink and fit into small spaces in case of an emergency.

4. Not having to worry about not wearing heels on a date.

5. Short rhymes with fort, port, retort, sort... Small rhymes with all, Fall, mall, call...and tall...

6. It's really difficult to find a dress that is TOO short.

7. Limbo (the game) is easy!

8. Sleeping on the couch does not require any scrunching of the legs.

9. It will not be as likely for us to be the first to be struck by lightning.

10. You always get to move to the front when people crowd around something/someone.

Monday, January 18, 2010

Garnier Skin Renew AnitPuff Eye Roller

So I had heard all this hype for the Garnier Eye Roller that seemed to give a flawless finish to the tired and puffy eye area.

I was very intrigued to try this product because it also seemed to offer a lightening affect on your under-eye area where dark circles often appear after stressful late nights.

This product is very easy to use and does in fact offer a very cooling effect to the under-eye area. You can see here the metal ball that when rolled under the eyes, it will release the formula onto the skin to reduce puffiness.

You simply roll it and then...

Viola! Instant de-puffing! So here is my final verdict: it does in fact do a wonderful job fulling its advertised role as a de-puffer but it does not do much to decrease the dark under-eye circles. I was excited for both these elements to be improved on but only achieved one out of the two. So would I repurchase this? Unless my eyes begin to suddenly puff up like a beach ball, I think I could live without this product. So yes it works but no, I won't be repurchasing any time soon.

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Terminator Teaches Me a Lesson

One of the first movies I remember being exposed to as a youth was actually, Terminator 2. Yes, this may be an odd movie choice from a parental point of view but in fact it really has shown me something. Was that something a fear of having an army of super intelligent robots destroying all of mankind? No, not necessarily.

I actually started to question the idea of 'fate.' All connotations seem to point to the possibilities of having a predestined irreversible series of events. If all our futures were like the Terminator series where one cannot change his path, should we even be conscious of our personal beliefs? Choices? Does morality play a part in this? What I mean is no matter what we choose to do or say, inevitably our lives have been mapped out for us. Messes with the mind doesn't it?

Just being curious on a Tuesday night, back to my hummus!

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Maybelline Color Sensational Lipstick

I think I found it! And by it, I do mean a perfect pink affordable lipstick of course. =)

Introducing Maybelline Color Sensational Lipstick in 015 Born With It.
The lipstick is encased by a nice pink plastic cover that is light enough to throw in your purse without worry. Although considerably flimsy, the packaging is still quite a refreshing change from typical drugstore buys.

Upon opening the container, I pleasantly found a beautiful iridescent pink lipstick. The warm color seems very complementary to most skin tones.

Hopefully you can see the beauty of the pigmentation through this picture. I do apologize for this picture being little ... off? In reality, the lipstick is a bit lighter. But I definitely will work on finding better pictures!

I promise to get better about taking these pictures! But there's my big face with my pretty lipstick! =) I would definitely recommend this one because it is affordable, creamy, and very complementary. Enjoy!

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Welcome to My Mind

So if you don't actually know me in person, you may not know of all the different hobbies I pursue in, my different ranges of interests, my nonsensical humor... Well, you would only understand what I have typed out thus far.

And since the new year is upon us, I figured that I would not limit myself through this online blog of mine and just allow it to reach various heights. I definitely have a large range of interests that range from makeup to basketball to various social observations. My interests know no bounds and my blog shall not either.

I was beginning to feel a little confused about what my blog was trying to achieve. As most of you may have noticed, the majority of blogs have a theme: design, art, music, fashion, cars, etc... But I find it a bit difficult to choose just one topic, and so I will just choose whatever topic comes to mind.

Basically, I am going to allow myself to not follow any sort of pattern and just post whatever interests me at the moment. I may start to introduce a variety of makeup reviews and then suddenly throw in a unique architectural building out of nowhere. Yes, this is exactly how my mind works. =D

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Bones Bones Bones

Every time another new show praised and hyped up, I shy away. Why you might ask? Wouldn't you want to watch a great show?

The answer is yes but no.

I am one of those people who will find a point of interest and then proceed to enthusiastically divulge myself into it as much as possible. Anyone else out there share a similar problem/devotion? When I found the Nintendo DS game, Elite Beat Agents, I played nonstop until I finished the entire game. When I found scrapbooking, I visited Michaels for countless consecutive weeks and making books/cards in bulk. When I found Sex and the City, well, I lost a couple of weeks of sleep probably...

But these things all made me happy and though I lost sleep (and money) I felt they were all worthwhile. However, since the dawn of school, I have found less time to divulge myself into these activities and to be honest, I am glad.

That is until I found Bones. Darn you, Odododo! You have brought back my obsessive tendencies!!

Lesson of the day: GO WATCH BONES!!! It's really good!