Thursday, December 31, 2009

Happy Almost New Years!

Sigh, another year is upon us and what have we learned?


Well, I honestly don't know what you learned, but I do know what I've learned from 2009 so here it is!

What I've learned from 2009.
By Ophelia N.

What I've learned from 2009,
Are a lot of hidden strengths of mine.
I'm able to jump enormous heights,
I'm able to fight for my own rights,
I'm able to see through the smoke,
I'm able to laugh until till I choke,
I'm able to smile when times are gray,
I'm able to watch what I say,
I'm able to learn from every play,
I'm able to LIVE every day.

What I've learned from this year,
Is that there is little to fear.
Through life's challenges and pain,
Patient and calm you must remain.
Things may seem impossible for a bit,
It will take awhile for reality to hit.
Most of life's dilemmas are so small,
You may succeed or you may fall,
What's important is what you take away,
And let it grow with you day to day.
For there is a lesson at the end of every journey,
That is truth, take it from me.

Happy 2010! Everyone please be safe and have a lot of fun!

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