Friday, November 13, 2009

Yays for Holidays!

So the holiday season is quickly approaching us. And I must say, I AM SO READY! I love the holidays, I love the idea of families coming together to spend warm cozy nights chatting by the dinner table, while the youngins stuff their faces with food.

Nowadays a lot of us have lost that family spirit and I am quite saddened by it. I see people sitting at restaurants staring at their food while the little kids stare at their Nintendo DS screens. Boo. We need to grab those little devices and keep them away from the tables. We need to put an attempt to making conversations instead of silently sending signals while staring at our food. We need to put away petty arguments and try to enjoy a meal with one another.

I also love the aspect of giving during the holidays, but sometimes that can become tainted by the status of our current economic devastation. People become more focused on the money part of gift giving. Sometimes it isn't even about the money, many people have given up to just defaulting with a gift card to their family members. Since our family has decided to do Secret Santa gifts, our Christmases have consisted of each of us exchanging gift cards. Boo.

I say, let's do something more meaningful. If not with your cousins and coworkers, at least with your best friends and immediate family members. Not that spending money really equates to a great Christmas gesture, but let's try to make more of an effort. I say, let's just spend time to do something meaningful, spend time to say something loving, or just spend time with loved ones. The best thing you can give to those you love

Yay for the holidays coming, I can't wait!

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