Monday, October 12, 2009

Sigh, the inevitable time has come again. Fall. Yes, it has been Fall for some time now but we live in L.A. and Fall often equals to a short month in November. I already miss the sunshine!

Anyway, it has been quite stressful with my life right now. School has taken a strong grasp of me and not is threatening not to let go until Christmas arrives. I think it is always like this though. Once the semester begins, we all are enjoying the first few weeks of light projects and small complaints. Then comes the storm, we become prisoners of our studios under an avalanche of work...only to be awarded with more! What kind of reward is that?

But I suppose the important underlining point of this is really if you enjoy what you are doing, it is all worth it at the end of the day. When you spend 12+ hours a day working on a project for a month, then it had better be worth the trouble. Sometimes it may feel frustrating and stressful but complaints all aside, if you genuinely love it and cannot really imagine doing anything else (besides bumming it at home) then you know you have chosen the right path. That is how I feel at least.

I hope everyone is having a nice Fall. I always know it's Fall when I begin to change IN bed =)

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