Friday, October 30, 2009

Hmmm... me thinks that I have not put much effort into updating this blog... hmmm...

How is everyone doing during this lovely Fall weather? This little chica is not so happy with it because it is so chilly to fall asleep and too chilly to get up in the mornings. I seriously question my attendance during the rest of the semester. I wonder if I can use the cold as my excuse to ditch..

Well, today's blog post is going to be my take on design. More specifically, the influence and inspiration of design. I just finished watching Project Runway where the designers on the show are accusing one another for copying each others ideas and looks and causing a lot of unnecessary drama. It got me thinking, what are my inspirations? Where am I pulling my design ideas from? I am starting to feel like I've already done an entry like this but anyway..

I feel like all design, like all trends and styles, are sort of rotated on a circular wheel. We always pull inspiration from older sources and they pull their inspiration from even older sources. It is not that we really copy someone else's work, the real definition of the source of inspiration is taking an admired piece to extract to manipulate it into what it means to you as the designer.

The most difficult part of doing that is taking enough of the piece to push you into your own direction and not mimic what you've already seen.

Design is always in a cycle. We look back at modernists like Le Corbusier and Mies Van Der Rohe for direction. Their work may have pulled from the basic forms of geometry that the Romans and Greeks used in their architecture. Even further, the Romans and Greeks may have looked at how past societies developed their understanding of structure from looking at the organic building structures in nature. As we progress into the future, we are constantly glancing back at the great accomplishments before us for guides.

So in my opinion, creativity is not really developing something new. I do not really believe anyone can invent anything radically new. Instead, I believe creativity is taking what you see, what you are influenced by and incorporating it into a product that screams your voice, your views. Creativity stems from the individual's personal outcome.

So go forth, people! Whether you are a designer, writer, musician, actor, or artist, you can be creative and innovative by making your mark through your work.

I'll try to keep posting if anyone is still reading these! <3!

Monday, October 12, 2009

Sigh, the inevitable time has come again. Fall. Yes, it has been Fall for some time now but we live in L.A. and Fall often equals to a short month in November. I already miss the sunshine!

Anyway, it has been quite stressful with my life right now. School has taken a strong grasp of me and not is threatening not to let go until Christmas arrives. I think it is always like this though. Once the semester begins, we all are enjoying the first few weeks of light projects and small complaints. Then comes the storm, we become prisoners of our studios under an avalanche of work...only to be awarded with more! What kind of reward is that?

But I suppose the important underlining point of this is really if you enjoy what you are doing, it is all worth it at the end of the day. When you spend 12+ hours a day working on a project for a month, then it had better be worth the trouble. Sometimes it may feel frustrating and stressful but complaints all aside, if you genuinely love it and cannot really imagine doing anything else (besides bumming it at home) then you know you have chosen the right path. That is how I feel at least.

I hope everyone is having a nice Fall. I always know it's Fall when I begin to change IN bed =)