Monday, September 14, 2009

Kanye is a Moment Stealer

If you did not catch Sunday's VMA drama then you need to quickly Google search it and be as annoyed as the rest of us are. Taylor Swift's biggest moment of the night was rudely interrupted by the ever attention hogging 5'7" American boy. hehe. Anyway, after witnessing Taylor's awkward reaction I started to remember all the times where something unexpected would happen to myself and how I would react awkwardly to it.

When I was giving a speech/lecture/whatever it was called, I was interrupted by a lovely gentleman in the end of the classroom. He was looking at the slides I showing and I suppose it reminded him of something so he blurted out a reply. Unfortunately, I could not hear what he had said while everyone else was nodding and smiling. After that, I lost my place and realized waaaayyy too late that not only had he interrupted with a reply but that 'reply' was actually a question that I had not heard. So in the end, I could offer no answer and no smooth transition. Great.

Well, it's not like my experience was anything like Taylor Swift's experience but I still understand the caught-off-guard-look and awkward attempt to move on. But I am glad that Beyonce was the classy lady she is to give her spotlight moment back to Taylor. That is how the ladies do it because we stick together and support one another. Take that, Kanye. Learn what makes us stronger.

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