Saturday, September 5, 2009

It's that time again.

Ah, at the beginning of every Spring, I am refreshed by the regrowth and reminded of the glorious sunny weather ahead. At the beginning of Summer, I am reminded of the happy carefree beach bumming days laying ahead. At the beginning of Fall, I am reminded...well, I am reminded that I am still not ready to be back in school.

Yes, it is true what you have read, I am back in school again.


It's not horrible, just incredibly draining because my body and mind have not yet adjusted. Plus all the immediate moving, constant driving, and long hours make it a bit unbearable for the moment. There is always one thing to pick me up though... here comes my song:

Oh, coffee how you complete me.
When my days are long, you set me free.
You fill my heart (and stomach) with glee.
How I cannot get along without thee.
I need a picture of you on my tee.
And only then will you see,
After each long class I'll need coffee!

Ok, everyone, take care!

1 comment:

  1. aw man, i miss starbucks. i haven't gone in so long!

    also, the other day i wanted to get some soft serve at mcdonalds. we drove there and DE JA VU! ice cream machine was conked out. dumbbbb