Wednesday, September 9, 2009

The Inevitable

Life is like this, I feel. What is suppose to happen, will inevitably happen at one time or another. No, this is not going to be a philosophical spiel because my ultimate complaint isn't life's predestined sequences. Instead, I have a gripe about mornings.

I have never been a so-called, "morning person" due to the fact that at any given time, I would rather sleep till my buddy, Noon rolls around. I cannot grasp the concept of why anyone would force themselves up pre-sun in frosty and gloomy weather. I have to wake up every weekday morning around 6:45am - 7am and well, "it ain't no picnic." I walk into the shivering morning cold to see other sleep deprived neighbors slowly maneuvering around their lawns to retrieve newspapers that they are probably going to read at a later time (when it's no longer subzero temperatures) and you wonder why I complain.

The biggest complaint from me about the inevitable is the ultimately inevitable event that occurs every morning when I have my breakfast. I am often sleepy and not quite aware of my surroundings yet despite all that, I somehow coordinate myself enough to grab a bowl of cereal. I cannot stress how often this happens where my milk ratio is completely off with my cereal ratio and it drives me nuts!

Look at this pathetic attempt to eat my Special K cereal. Where's the cereal? I believe either my sleepiness is to blame or my inability to measure a balanced breakfast. Either way, I am usually left with way too much milk and little tolerance. Sigh, perhaps I should start to switch to eating eggs in the morning instead.

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  1. hahah for some reason it looked like a huge large bowl and a pathetic attempt to make pancake batter.

    but yes, i agree. mornings are painful.