Monday, September 28, 2009

The I Everything

Warning: The following blog post is a short and nonsensical rant made by yours truly. I have nothing personal against Apple as I am currently typing this post through my MacPro. Thank you for your time.

Have you noticed the incredible power that Apple has on the society we live in today? It seems like they are taking over
the world! Have they been taking tips from the ever apparent, Donald Trump, and put their name on everything? It's I-this and I-that, yes it worked for the iPhone and the iTunes but come on..enough is enough. Do we really need it to be iDVD and iMovie? Do we have to put 'i' in everything to make it "cutting edge" and trendy?

I refuse!

I'm going to put an 'O' in the beginning of everything from now on to make sure that I put my mark and make things up-to-date. From now on everything will be OMovie and OPhotos and Oohmygoshthatcangetsoannoying.

This rant goes hand in hand with the common complaint that things do not have to be shrunken to be updated. The tiny unmanageable keyboards on cellphones, the reduced sizes on soda cans do not make them healthier or more affordable, and even the teeny tiny mp3 players that fit a million songs..yes, that one! It fits a lot of songs, can fit anywhere from your purse to your pocket to your shoe. But while in some ways it may seem to be a convenience, it is also a burden because we end up losing things so much easier. I have to admit that I find it hilarious when I see people holding tiny tiny mp3 players with giant headphones on their heads. Heeheehee. I don't know why, but it looks funny to me.

Anyway, enough ranting from me. I hope everyone has an awesome week now that fall is officially making its presence known. Brr...but it also means that it feels oh-so-nice to sleep in underneath the warm covers. =) Have a great week and take care!

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  1. what if they invented something that already began with an I? iIGLOO