Sunday, September 13, 2009

Dumb It Down

Have you ever heard that phrase? Perhaps in class or perhaps at your current occupation if you are involved in any sort of complicated jargon? I've heard it before every project presentation the teacher will go on about having everyone describe it as if they were someone who was not aware of the product/procedure/whatever and they will somehow conclude with, "try to dumb it down."

I understand the concept. And at times, I do see the real need for people to act on it. For example, if I were to ask a nuclear physicist what their job entailed, I would appreciate the abridged or Dumbed Downed Version or DDV as we call it.


yes, I know you suspected my usual "but" interrupting the flow of my entries...

BUT sometimes I feel that certain things are TOO dumbed down. I say this only because I have just recently purchased the C.O. Bigelow Lip Balm from Bath and Body Works.
I turned it around to see that they have included directions that say: Directions For Use: Glide some on anytime your lips are in need of moisture.

This to me is a Duh Moment which means, how else would anyone use this lip balm? Perhaps it has to be written to avoid any sort of confusion and prevent any legal actions...but seriously? I am insulted! So anyway, I just put some on my legs and went on with my day.

Cha cha cha-- Charmin!

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