Monday, September 28, 2009

The I Everything

Warning: The following blog post is a short and nonsensical rant made by yours truly. I have nothing personal against Apple as I am currently typing this post through my MacPro. Thank you for your time.

Have you noticed the incredible power that Apple has on the society we live in today? It seems like they are taking over
the world! Have they been taking tips from the ever apparent, Donald Trump, and put their name on everything? It's I-this and I-that, yes it worked for the iPhone and the iTunes but come on..enough is enough. Do we really need it to be iDVD and iMovie? Do we have to put 'i' in everything to make it "cutting edge" and trendy?

I refuse!

I'm going to put an 'O' in the beginning of everything from now on to make sure that I put my mark and make things up-to-date. From now on everything will be OMovie and OPhotos and Oohmygoshthatcangetsoannoying.

This rant goes hand in hand with the common complaint that things do not have to be shrunken to be updated. The tiny unmanageable keyboards on cellphones, the reduced sizes on soda cans do not make them healthier or more affordable, and even the teeny tiny mp3 players that fit a million songs..yes, that one! It fits a lot of songs, can fit anywhere from your purse to your pocket to your shoe. But while in some ways it may seem to be a convenience, it is also a burden because we end up losing things so much easier. I have to admit that I find it hilarious when I see people holding tiny tiny mp3 players with giant headphones on their heads. Heeheehee. I don't know why, but it looks funny to me.

Anyway, enough ranting from me. I hope everyone has an awesome week now that fall is officially making its presence known. Brr...but it also means that it feels oh-so-nice to sleep in underneath the warm covers. =) Have a great week and take care!

Monday, September 21, 2009


Guess which magical place I was able to visit last night? Yup, you guessed it ... well, basically because it is the title of this blog post.

I got the very glamorous opportunity to go to the airport last night! And boy was it a dream come true!


I seriously dread going to the airport by now because I have been there enough times to start a club. (That didn't even really make any sense but that is what the airport does to me.) It has been a consistent three or four years where I am at the airport approximately fifteen times a year?! I cannot really complain because some people travel for a living and they get to experience various cultures, different sights and sounds, delectable foods! But to deal with the pushy backed up traffic, grouchy tired people, and unpredictable delayed flights is another story. I think after battling four different cars for the right of way to turn into a lane, I have concluded that I don't want to travel for a living. I don't want to make the airport my most commonly seen friend.

You suck, LAX traffic!

Monday, September 14, 2009

Kanye is a Moment Stealer

If you did not catch Sunday's VMA drama then you need to quickly Google search it and be as annoyed as the rest of us are. Taylor Swift's biggest moment of the night was rudely interrupted by the ever attention hogging 5'7" American boy. hehe. Anyway, after witnessing Taylor's awkward reaction I started to remember all the times where something unexpected would happen to myself and how I would react awkwardly to it.

When I was giving a speech/lecture/whatever it was called, I was interrupted by a lovely gentleman in the end of the classroom. He was looking at the slides I showing and I suppose it reminded him of something so he blurted out a reply. Unfortunately, I could not hear what he had said while everyone else was nodding and smiling. After that, I lost my place and realized waaaayyy too late that not only had he interrupted with a reply but that 'reply' was actually a question that I had not heard. So in the end, I could offer no answer and no smooth transition. Great.

Well, it's not like my experience was anything like Taylor Swift's experience but I still understand the caught-off-guard-look and awkward attempt to move on. But I am glad that Beyonce was the classy lady she is to give her spotlight moment back to Taylor. That is how the ladies do it because we stick together and support one another. Take that, Kanye. Learn what makes us stronger.

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Dumb It Down

Have you ever heard that phrase? Perhaps in class or perhaps at your current occupation if you are involved in any sort of complicated jargon? I've heard it before every project presentation the teacher will go on about having everyone describe it as if they were someone who was not aware of the product/procedure/whatever and they will somehow conclude with, "try to dumb it down."

I understand the concept. And at times, I do see the real need for people to act on it. For example, if I were to ask a nuclear physicist what their job entailed, I would appreciate the abridged or Dumbed Downed Version or DDV as we call it.


yes, I know you suspected my usual "but" interrupting the flow of my entries...

BUT sometimes I feel that certain things are TOO dumbed down. I say this only because I have just recently purchased the C.O. Bigelow Lip Balm from Bath and Body Works.
I turned it around to see that they have included directions that say: Directions For Use: Glide some on anytime your lips are in need of moisture.

This to me is a Duh Moment which means, how else would anyone use this lip balm? Perhaps it has to be written to avoid any sort of confusion and prevent any legal actions...but seriously? I am insulted! So anyway, I just put some on my legs and went on with my day.

Cha cha cha-- Charmin!

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

The Inevitable

Life is like this, I feel. What is suppose to happen, will inevitably happen at one time or another. No, this is not going to be a philosophical spiel because my ultimate complaint isn't life's predestined sequences. Instead, I have a gripe about mornings.

I have never been a so-called, "morning person" due to the fact that at any given time, I would rather sleep till my buddy, Noon rolls around. I cannot grasp the concept of why anyone would force themselves up pre-sun in frosty and gloomy weather. I have to wake up every weekday morning around 6:45am - 7am and well, "it ain't no picnic." I walk into the shivering morning cold to see other sleep deprived neighbors slowly maneuvering around their lawns to retrieve newspapers that they are probably going to read at a later time (when it's no longer subzero temperatures) and you wonder why I complain.

The biggest complaint from me about the inevitable is the ultimately inevitable event that occurs every morning when I have my breakfast. I am often sleepy and not quite aware of my surroundings yet despite all that, I somehow coordinate myself enough to grab a bowl of cereal. I cannot stress how often this happens where my milk ratio is completely off with my cereal ratio and it drives me nuts!

Look at this pathetic attempt to eat my Special K cereal. Where's the cereal? I believe either my sleepiness is to blame or my inability to measure a balanced breakfast. Either way, I am usually left with way too much milk and little tolerance. Sigh, perhaps I should start to switch to eating eggs in the morning instead.

Saturday, September 5, 2009

It's that time again.

Ah, at the beginning of every Spring, I am refreshed by the regrowth and reminded of the glorious sunny weather ahead. At the beginning of Summer, I am reminded of the happy carefree beach bumming days laying ahead. At the beginning of Fall, I am reminded...well, I am reminded that I am still not ready to be back in school.

Yes, it is true what you have read, I am back in school again.


It's not horrible, just incredibly draining because my body and mind have not yet adjusted. Plus all the immediate moving, constant driving, and long hours make it a bit unbearable for the moment. There is always one thing to pick me up though... here comes my song:

Oh, coffee how you complete me.
When my days are long, you set me free.
You fill my heart (and stomach) with glee.
How I cannot get along without thee.
I need a picture of you on my tee.
And only then will you see,
After each long class I'll need coffee!

Ok, everyone, take care!