Monday, August 3, 2009

A Sunday Afternoon

Not really sure what to write about today so here goes a regular journal-type entry.

So today was another busy Sunday that began with a furry of house searching and ended with a loverly BBQ at a fellow tkd-er's house. The house hunting in Long Beach was long with few possibilities and though many of the houses were quite nice, one stuck out in particular. No, I do not mean this in a good way. After looking at four Open Houses, our Realtor (a.k.a. Aunt Rebecca) took us to look at condominiums in the same community.

Our first obstacle was presented when we drove up to the driveway and realized that a large iron gate decidedly neglected our presence. Despite all our verbal abuse, it stayed strongly shut so we had no choice but to wait it out. Luckily, a few cars showed up and used some sort of magically box-shaped device to command the evil gate to open its filthy trap and we were able to sneak through. Once inside, we realized that it was certain: this is a place that we were not meant to be in - oops. We quickly parked our cars and scrambled inside to take a gander (yes, I said to 'take a gander') and misdirected ourselves towards a different unit that was opened for viewing. So we walked inside the holy grounds and quickly walked out. Too much for me. I noticed a tall figure walk by and quickly escape into a door so I assumed he was a resident just making his way into his house and thought nothing of it. The next unit was on the same floor but in the opposite direction so we trekked over there and arrived at unit 349. As Aunt Rebecca tried to open the lock box, I noticed the tall bearded figure walk towards us again. Weird. So we all scooted aside as he made his way past us and into some other door. After Aunt Rebecca opened the door to the vacant condo, we walked around admiring the hardwood floors and newly painted bedrooms when suddenly Senior Creepo, the tall gayish actor-wannabe, walked into the room and everyone was suddenly silent.

"Hello, can I help you?"

Senior Creepo, "Oh no, I live here on the first floor."

So uncomfortable! He just kept walking around with a closed cell phone to his ear while he peered into each room diligently. As we made our way out he still had not moved so my dad actually had to stand there to make sure he left before we locked him in there. Though now that I think about it, that might have been the better choice!

After that, I had no interest in any of those units. Not now, not ever.

Onto part two of Sunday.
We arrived at Ling's house around 5pm and found everyone crowding around the flat screen tv while taking turns playing Tekken 5. The BBQ was delicious and fulfilling. At the end of the night, Ling informed us that he and his girlfriend, Sammy, were going to also include a 6 pound pasta they had purchased at Costco but could not do so since they could not figure out how to use their high tech oven.

We laughed and exclaimed that we would help them figure it out just for the heck of it since we had prior baking knowledge. Oh what fools we were. That piece of machinery was deliberately ignoring our requests and would not preheat for anything. After sixty-thousand tries by about ten different people, we have come to the result that it is busted.

So the conclusion of this blog today is: How can technology make our lives better if we cannot understand how to make it work?

Technology = Tech No Know Logy.

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