Monday, August 17, 2009

Skincare smells!

Since I started off my blog with a post on bad smelling things, now is the time to discuss good smelling things. You see how relevant my entries are to the importance of ... life? Anyway, I am starting to notice that out of our five senses (five is it?) we usually tend to hone in on one or two specifically. What I mean by this is that we usually are more sensitive in smell and sight or in sound and touch or in taste and touch. It seems more rare for all five senses to be equally balanced.

With that said, I noticed that I have neglected my interest in smells. Sounds weird. But unless it involves food, I usually just sniff something with a bit of disinterest and decide if it is a good smell or bad smell. Lately I have been putting more attention in skin care since the many hours of sun damage, lack of sleep, and neglected lotioning have begun to catch up and I am starting to hone in on smells.

Some products use more of a natural scent without bothering to put a lot of chemicals to neutralize any sort of organic fragrances which is good because that means less chemicals to mess with our skin, but also bad because sometimes it smells kind of medicinal. Other products boost overly floral scents, *ahem* Bath and Body Works, and though they smell nice I question what exactly is in it. Now I wonder what kinds of scents everyone prefers. There are a variety of smells offered with skincare products such as fruits, floral, spices, candies, and other organic scents. I do not like the chocolate smells (sorry, May!) that come with lotions or bath products but I love fruity, other candies, and organic smells like honey and grapefruit!

Here are some products I purchased, mostly tried, sniffed, and loved:

LUSH: Honey I Washed the Kids Soap

Now, I have not yet tried it but I purchased it and am loving the scent. I have tried the Rock Star Soap and I think that Lush soaps are pretty nice. They are all handmade and organic so you can be sure that they are rid of harmful chemicals. They charge by the pound so I am not sure how to list how much it costs...pretty pricey but worth trying because it's different.
0.300lb was $11.34

SEPHORA: Lip Attitude Glamour Lipstick $12

This lipstick offers a candy smell that is awesome! It is not overly strong and you will like opening the container just to smell it! What? Doesn't everyone do that? In addition to the smell, this lipstick is high end in quality and staying power where the glossy finish makes lipgloss
unnecessary for hours. It may seem pricey to drugstore fans but for the quality of the product, you should reconsider. Besides, if you buy something for $4 that will last you two months versus something for $12 that will last you six months, what makes more sense?

BURT'S BEESWAX: Lemon Butter Cuticle Creme $6

I'm not sure how many times I mentioned this product only to receive an excited, "I love that product!" Well, I'm afraid I have to join the bandwagon here because I do like this product and it smells like grapes! Just kidding, as the packaging says, it smells like oranges. Despite its delectable scent, it is also quite effective in softening the cuticles. It's also conveniently available at Target stores which we all love!

Okay and the final two that I can think of right now aren't exactly skincare but...

Victoria's Secret has a new line out called their Naturally Victoria's Secret. Creativity wins! Anyway, I tried some of the lotions in the store and I quite liked them but the only thing I ended up purchasing was actually a candle! I really am in love with the Honeysuckle & White Patchouli scent. I would strongly recommend it!

And the last thing I am mentioning when talking about smells is of course a perfume. And this one in particular is from Bath and Body Works and it is their Black Amethyst roll on perfume. It is $7.50 and is very portable for easy touch-ups! I liked this scent in particular but my sisters also purchased ones in other colors and I love them too! I know that they have deals here and there so you should look them up because we were able to get them at Buy 2 & Get One Free.

Anyway, that ends a very odd post about smells and bath/skin stuff. Please let me know what scents in products you all enjoy! Remember this, sharing is caring. But hoarding is rewarding! Heheh bye!

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