Thursday, August 13, 2009

Shoes : can they heel the sole?

So in the event of Fall quickly approaching, all students suddenly feel a similar pang of regret that they have not accomplished enough during their summer breaks. I am one of them. Although, I think most people worry if they have not done anything productive during break while I consider if I have not had enough fun yet.

I don't consider it irresponsible. I feel that summer breaks for students are to have fun and more importantly to catch up on stress-free sleep! Summer school is sometimes necessary and of course work, yes I do work part time, but everyone needs to put time aside for fun. I generally do not make that effort during the school year because I am often tired, stressed, and preoccupied to the point that going out to dinner becomes an obligation rather than a happy event. Don't let this happen to you!

Anyway, the main point of this was to talk about shoes. (How the heck do I always manage to stray so far?) During this summer, I have taken my sisters (Jeanne is an extended sister) out to shopping areas to spend our relaxing afternoons since they are going back to school soon. And through these shopping trips I have purchased a few pairs of shoes. Three to be exact. WOW, that is a lot even for me. And they are very different in terms of style and comfort. I decided to do some shoe-research to determine what makes a good pair of shoes and here are the pro and cons of my purchases.

First off came this beautiful pair of heels from Nine West.

Heels are beautiful additions to spice up (not food) an outfit whether it be a formal dress or a night going out with skinny jeans. They actually serve a purpose as well, they give force you to fix your posture. It is best to shift your weight to the back of the heel to straighten your back and tighten your abdomen. So actually, it is good to wear heels! Just as long as they are not too high and support your arch.

Then I bought this lovely pair from a brand called, Liliana.

This of course stands for all the flat pairs that are cute paired with a nice pair of capris, skinny jeans, or sundress. Flats are nice but not when they are too flat. If you squint at the loverly picture, you will see a minuscule heel that really does not serve enough to support one's arch. Unfortunately, there is also no padding to support the soles of the feet. So though this pair is incredibly cute, I realistically named them my "don't you dare walk far distances in these shoes" shoes. They are great for casual outings to add a bit of interest but definitely not fitted for far walks. Do not run a 10k with these!

And finally, I purchased flats from Bakers shoes.
Ah flats, the dependable friend of sandals. I consider flats to be more versatile throughout the seasons because they can be worn in the spring through winter with ease while being both formal and casual. These in particular are cushioned and offer enough overall support. There is an arch that supports your tired feet while the front should have support for the balls of your feet. It is best to find good quality flats to last you for a long while, these are leather and comfy!

Finally, shoes are just like accessories, they add sparkle to an outfit. But do not forget the practicality of these mighty feet protectors. Here are some basic rules to go by: Ophe-style.

A.) Do not skimp on quality and only focus on price. I would advise that you spend money on shoes that have decent quality and will last you a long time. There have been too many ocassions where I purchase a trendy item and can only wear it once or twice for appropriate events.

B.) Comfort is key. Do not purchase anything that is too painful to wear because your feet will never shrink to fit them.

C.) Do not always purchase expensive trendy shoes because styles change with seasons! Why waste the money and not wear them again? Unless you love them to death and will wear them no matter what the trend is, do not indulge in overly trendy items!

D.) Colors should be considered. Do they match anything you have? Or are they shoes that you will have to find something to match them?

and finally,
E.) Go have some fun! Do not always go with something plain and simple and... should I say it? Boring. Try different styles even if you do not plan to purchase them because you may be surprised. Shoes can make an plain outfit more interesting! So go out there and be thoughtful when buying shoes so you can choose items that will last and make the best bang for your buck.


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