Friday, July 10, 2009

Welcome Back, Stella!

It was merely noon when my sister's friend dropped off our hamster friend, Stella. I did not take much notice to the familiar large multi-colored, multi-tiered, multi-difficult-to-clean cage for the majority of the day. It was not until an hour ago when I heard her scurrying around her cage from one end to the next and straight to the wheel did I actually take a gander at her cute face and thought, "Oh my."

Stella has grown!

Are dwarf hamsters suppose to be the size of my LG chocolate phone? Err, probably not.

I could not help but stare at the frantically pacing ball of fur and think, what is her daily life like? She sleeps through most of the day and spends most of her nights just running around the cage without much of a goal. Well, unless her ultimate goal was to run around the cage of course. Otherwise, what is she thinking?

Could she possibly be pondering the economic crisis that surrounds us today? Is she concerned about all the education funding that has recently been cut? Or maybe she is just wondering if she should bring her food to the north side of the cage or the south side of the cage.

Who knows? *cue eerie Twilight music

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