Tuesday, July 21, 2009

We Are The Champions!

We are the champions! No time for losers 'cause we are the champions... of the world!

Does that pump you up? Ready to run the 26 miles? Ready to bungee jump off the Golden Gate Bridge?

My blog question (blogtion) (sorry) for the day is: Do motivational songs or speeches really work?

I admit first-hand that I am a victim of over thinking everything. It is probably called the Over Thinking Everything Disease = OTED... well, I did say 'probably.' I have been in countless situations where motivational speeches are given to really get everyone worked up. I look around at the widened eyes, at the tensed up faces, at the growing crowd that is hungry for the verbal encouragement. Then I look at the speaker and admire their passion, their fire, their excitement! I am proud to be standing in the middle of history (however small or large) in the making.


Yes, there is almost always a 'but' to my blogs.

I am the type of person who is standing in the middle of an excited crowd or in front of a encouraging authority figure and instead of digesting their words and emotions, I am admiring the situation. I look at the people and feel happy that they are being motivated but not really taking in enough of the words to feel it myself. Sense the loss of connection here?

I always wonder if these speeches actually work on people because they seldom work on myself. Do people just hear the words and try to let themselves be sort of tricked to believe what they are suppose to believe? Is that motivation or brain washing? If I really did not believe in a cause but someone is spouting on about the difference we can make by raising awareness, I most likely will try to spread the word and raise money because it seems like the right thing to do. But when I look back, wait a minute, did I really believe in that cause? Or was it out of guilt?

I believe I am now straying from the main topic so... I find myself feeling that rush to make a change in the world and in the midst of doing so I would usually begin thinking like... well, let me offer an example:

Speaker: "We need to be the ones to stand up and make things right again! We are the new generation, let us not watch our planet become destroyed by ____(you name it!)!"

Me: Wow, she is so right! Let's go out there and clean up parks or start recycling programs or... wow, that speech was really done well, I think I am being motivated! Look, those people are motivated too! Well, she definitely is a good speaker, look at how her gestures really reenforce her words. Good job, lady! Oh and that person over there looks impressed. I wonder if they will go home and share this speech with their families. I wonder how many people are here, are they really listening? ...etc...nonsensical train of thought continues

I do like these speeches and after trying to give many of them in my classes to my students, I do wonder how many of them absorb what I am saying. Do they start to become distracted by the speech itself like I tend to?

Oh well, I suppose I will know someday when either someone shows vast improvement in their attitude and discipline or when someone falls asleep standing up while I am speaking.

How is everyone else suriving the heat?

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