Sunday, July 5, 2009

Tips for Better Skin

It's time to smack that acne in the face! Yes, smack acne = smacne! Wow! I'm good...

I am not an expert on acne or skin care, but knowing the effects of the summer's effects on skin, I decided to do some research to aid any sweltering heat survivors.

***And if you already knew these things, well then la-dee-dah you show off... =) And if you didn't, don't worry! I learned a lot of this a lot later than I should have!

Smacne Tips 101 ..not really, but here's a few tips...

- Thou shalt moisturize every single day: morning AND night. Yes, I know that the last thing you want to do every morning or night is to slather any type of product on your face, but this is necessary.

Directions for the a.m. : Every morning when you wake up, wash your face with a mild cleanser and apply face lotion that has spf. (Face lotion is more gentle and spf is a must!)

Directions for the p.m. : After you shower at night or after you wash your face before sleeping, apply night cream after your face has dried. *It is more effective if you apply it after washing because your face will absorb the product more.

- Thou shalt wash your face with a gentle daily cleanser every day and exfoliate every once or twice a week. It is important to cleanse all the dirt and oils accumulated on your face and skin to prevent blockage from your pores. But you cannot exfoliate every single day in fear of drying out your skin too much by scrubbing off layers of skin too often.

- Thou shalt moisturize your face whether it is dry OR oily. A lot of people assume that because their face is oily, they do not need to moisturize but this is a false false falsie. ***I use Clinique Dramatically Different Lotion

- Thou shalt clean off all makeup before sleeping. This is a must.

- Thou shalt not wear makeup 24/7. Give your face a rest! Even though many of the products list the many ways it helps your face, the bottom line is that you are still placing chemicals on your face. Let's go au natural once in a while.. natural = beautiful!

- Thou shalt use a toner every once or twice a week to clean face and tighten skin. BUT do not overdo this one because I swore for almost 2 years that using a toner everyday to dry my skin would get rid of the acne but it got to a point where drying out my skin too much caused acne! Can someone say counter-productive? Oh, you can eh? Oils protect the skin so we just want to wash away dirt, not our skin protectors.

- Thou shalt drink lots and lots of liquid to stay hydrated and healthy.

- Thou shalt also sleep more to keep yourself healthy.

- Thou shalt not squeeze pimples! It scars! Ok, I know it's though not to so just do not squeeze them without cleaning your hands first and do not touch them till you see the whiteheads nearing the top! I read that pimples are pores clogged with bacteria so if you pop them and do not do it carefully, you can spread the bacteria to other parts of your face!

and finally,

- Thou shalt take a break once in a while to prevent stress and overexhaustion. Stress = acne! Stressne? Ok, I'll stop..for now. =)

I hope this helped someone in someway, if all else fails then we'll have to resort to the backup plan. And what is that exactly? Do you want to know? Come closer...

Let's just forget about it and just enjoy life =)


  1. this was very helpful. now i know that popping = acne. popne!

  2. that was super helpful...unfortunately i do not like to get smack in the face...