Thursday, July 16, 2009

Redefining my Project 10 Pan

Ok, so it's been close to a month and I realized that if I pulled a fully committed Project 10 Pan, it would take me like 2 years to finish. Yes, that IS a long time! So because of my lack of consistent makeup usage, I decided to redefine this project and make it workable for me.

First of all, I am drastically cutting spending on makeup but I am allowing myself opportunities to not miss out on. =)

1. If I find discounted prices on brands I am committed to (ie. MAC) at places like the Cosmetic Company Store, then I allow myself to buy what I can afford.
2. If there are limited edition items that will slip slip slip away from me forever, then I will consider purchasing them.

That is all! So no more purchasing any full priced items unless it is limited edition and really favored. So, that is my new commitment and I think I can do this with a lot more ease. So I wonder if anyone else has started their own project and how that is going?

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