Monday, July 6, 2009

Project 10 Pan

Yes, I am officially stating it. I, Ophelia, am officially on Project 10 Pan.

In case you do not know what Project 10 Pan is, it is a commitment that you put yourself through to finish 10 items from your makeup collection before purchasing anything else. This is very similar to ... a diet. Yes, I am on a makeup diet.

Not that my collection is really THAT huge, but big enough even for myself to know to stop.

Not everything but close enough.

..sigh =(

The reason why I am sharing this on my blog is that I realized since starting this commitment (a measly week ago) is that almost everyone I know has a similar obsession with things in their lives, not necessarily makeup of course. Some are obsessed with purchasing brand name purses, video games, airsoft accessories (*ahem), and even coffee. Perhaps it would be a good idea for everyone to step back once in awhile to look at what they have and decided whether or not to back off for a bit.

So, though I am not urging everyone to go on a Project whatever Pan, I am just saying that sometimes we urge to obtain something we want but not always what we need. AND make sure whatever you purchase you will use because it's easy to get excited, bring it home and not know what to do with it. Ok enough inward sighing. With a heavy heart, I turn back to my existing collection and read hungrily about upcoming collections with trepidation. don't count as me cheating you know =D

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