Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Peanut Butter Jelly Time

Ah, just finished a lengthy group discussion in the remnants of my living room. I say that because if you could see it... Anyway, I find that from time to time, I get into serious/fun discussions with people about social norms, values, or just about life and all those who surround us.

It's not really that odd because I believe a good healthy relationship (whether it be with family, friends, or boyfriend/girlfriend) it is important not to shy away from serious topics. It is necessary to share ideas, views, and opinions on things because it allows other to understand you as an individual. After all, you cannot always play the role of the constant nodder. And no, that's not a word.

Anyway, this particular discussion focused around the friends who surround us and their particular role in our lives. It is evident that we go through life picking and choosing our counterparts, seeing which people fit into our jigsaw of life. It is true that it is a trying process, some pieces seem to fit but in the end when the eyes begin to really focus, some just don't fit at all.

That is how I feel that everyone forms their circles of friends, the closest ring is the closest friends, the next comprises of those who are good acquaintances, and so on and so forth. It may seem cruel but it is a necessary practice to partake in because you should always surround yourself with good people. But sometimes good people may not share the same humor or outlook on life and so they are pushed to that second ring.

From the very beginning we form our friendships with those we associate with most frequently. And as we grow older, we expand our circle to include others. But there are also times when we realize certain friendships are no longer beneficial so we slowly let go of one another. It seems so sad to type out but it's true! If you really had an interest in maintaining a friendship, you would sought out that person right?

Anyway, I'm getting ahead of myself, what I am really trying to say is that each one of us plays an important role in society. (Yes, I did stray far!) We are always evolving and learning different things in life, things that maybe our friends/family members have not given attention to yet. Well, our important role is to positively influence each other so we can all continue to better ourselves. Even with your own social peers, you may see flaws in each other that could stand to be corrected while maintaining the friendship, would you point it out?

It is difficult, especially from someone like me who is quite timid and afraid of confrontation. I have been teaching for the past 7-8 years and I know that just as an authority figure in classes, my actions and words influence those around me. The younger the student is, the more naive they are to quickly imitate. Well, if we do in fact become wiser with age, we should be able to spot our weaknesses and sought to fix them! GO TEAM!

But there truly something called 'tough love.' You may need to play the "bad cop" role to help someone see what they are blind to but you may be disliked for it. It is always hard to see why someone is treating you with such harshness without quickly jumping to the conclusion that they are doing it out of spite. This isn't always true, sometimes it's hardest to be mean to someone you like.

Most times we are quick to judge one another without taking a step back and looking at ourselves. We play an important role in each others lives, and though you may not be aware, it is always monkey see monkey do no matter what age. At a workplace, if you see a coworker consistently going up to their superior asking for more work and getting recognition, wouldn't it be silly not to try to do that yourself? See? We always try to imitate what strengths we see in each other. So that is my point, your weaknesses may seek a solution. But it is your strengths that will catch someone's attention. You should always be aware that your words and actions will affect someone.

So go out there and do some good for yourself. And some day, report back.

Also, there is nothing about peanut butter or jelly time anywhere in this post except this sentence but I thought it would capture your attention more. =)