Thursday, July 16, 2009

LA is One Hot Muggy Sauna

This Friday is the day Olivia's friends finally pay us a visit from North Cal. (By the way, I know that most North Cal people are haters of us So Cal people but we're cool ;D ) Anyway, for the past few weeks, I have listened *eavesdropped* on her conversations with her friends and have had to listen to many reassurances that coming to LA will not suffocate their delicated I'm-use-to-60-degree-weather bodies.

Well, yes it is quite hot. Let me rephrase that, it is freaking hot! But there will be no body melting here.

Since her friends have been so kind to agree to visit for the weekend, we have been desperately trying to figure out what fun things we can entertain them with. Unfortunately, every suggestion thrown out there has been considered, shot down, reconsidered, and then laughed at. So Mimi and Anna, if you two are reading this, you basically will come here and sit in silence till it is time for you to go back home.

Every suggestion had to involve either hitting the beach (not literally because I'm not sure how that can be done) or going to a mall/movie theater in order to escape the heat. Now this is the part of the brainstorming where we realize, is that all we do in the summer? Head to a beach or head to a mall? Riveting.

Which brings me to another topic regarding the beach and the blazing heat. Everyone MUST wear sunblock before leaving the house! We recently graced the beach with our presence and the sun basically slapped us all on the face (back, shoulders, arms, legs, chest) for not putting on enough sunblock. Now, trust me when I say that we reapplied. A LOT. But it wasn't enough to prevent the sun's damaging rays to burn, baby, burn. So wherever you are planning to go, whether it be the beach or mall or beach mall (wouldn't that be cool?) please make sure you are covered with sticky, smelly, uncomfortable sunblock or else you will be burnt like ...well, burnt stuff.

Now if you are burned and this blog post is a bit late for you, here are some suggestions to save your skin. First of all, go find aloe vera. If you don't grow this in your garden, go buy some lotion or gel that has this plant. If you DO own some, go cut a few pieces, split them open, and plant them on your face! (tee hee, get it?) The aloe vera will cool down your skin and protect the moisture. After softly showering, don't scrub too hard or exfoliate, make sure you put on face lotion and body lotion. Good luck!

Anyhoo, back to our first issue, now that we are down to the same two reject suggestions, I suppose we will have to rely on our entertainment skills to fight off Olivia's friends' boredom. Maybe I should spend the weekend teaching them how to avoid sunburn! Genius!

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