Saturday, July 11, 2009

I think the heat's getting to me.

Has anyone tried Naked juice? It's really fun to play on words because people always slip (and not always inadvertently) and say things like, "I really want to get Naked today" or "Do you want to drink Naked?" Heheh

Well, if you haven't tried the variety of flavors, I suggest you check them out at your local Costco in case they are offering samples for passersby to try out. It is pretty good but takes time to get use to, I know what you might be thinking, "Why? It's just juice!" No, my friend, that it is not.

Naked Juice is quite unique in its blend of flavor and consistency. There is one that combines all green veggies together to create a very specific taste that I cannot describe. It's not bad but looks awful. The consistency is also something to get use to as it is more smoothie-like than juice but not thick enough to really be in the smoothie family.

Oye, I am just sitting here in the enjoyable *sarcasm* heat sipping my syrup juice while watching MythBusters which btw is an awesome show.

Just thought I'd share. What is everyone else doing in this heat?

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