Wednesday, July 29, 2009

I like it! Or do I?

So do you ever find that you are jet set on choosing one item for lunch and then you see that everyone else on your table has chosen another item? Do you change your mind because hey, maybe their item is so delicious that you would be a fool to choose otherwise? OR are you one of those people who are given a menu and it takes you forever and a day to choose anything? Do you even end up choosing something for yourself or do you just follow someone's advice instead?

Choices choices but which one is right?

It is indeed difficult to make your own choice but I am not sure which is worse. Not having a strong opinion and being swayed by others or having a strong opinion but changing it because you let yourself be swayed by others. I am the latter of course. I look at two colors and choose green with a confident grin. And then I look at the yellow and think, maybe I am wrong again?

Then again, what dignifies that any choice is bad or good? What determines if something is chic or sophisticated? Is it really based on the standards of society?

I question this because I found myself on the Las Vegas strip last weekend walking around and observing the architecture. If you have not been there I am not sure if you know that many renowned designers have banned together to add their individual massive structural elements to the happening Vegas strip. As I walked by these structures I was impressed and amazed by their contorting geometric forms and interplay with contrasting materials. However, I stopped in mid-amazement to question myself, what makes these structures so impressive? Is it really that they are impressive to me or is it just that I understand what impresses the mass public and I am just giving into their standards?

When an untrained eye looks at a Frank Gehry creation, such as the Walt Disney Concert Hall, do they just go "ooh" and "ah" because it is different and so-called, "design?" Because if that is the case, anyone can go out there and crumble pieces of paper together and tear them apart to create their versions of design structures but it is not so simple. Of course, I do have respect for Frank Gehry's creations, I am not attacking anyone. I am merely making a point.

If you do read about a designer's motives and reasons for creating their versions of art, you will begin to either respect the design or dislike it. Either way, you should not make an opinion upon first judgment because then it would not be your opinion.

So now I figure that I have an opinion on food, colors, book, or whatever because these common things have interjected throughout my life. Design, however, I am going to not just succumb to standards set out by existing designers and critics by just gazing in admiration at everything they say you should gaze at. I will do my research, read on my own (ick for reading on my own! haha) and form my own opinion. This way I will own it. Sounds weird? YOU'RE weird!

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