Sunday, July 12, 2009

Hole-y Back

You lay down on a massage table and expect to go, "Ahhh..." unlike my experience which pretty much went, "AHHHHH!!!"

I just had acupuncture done on my sore and damaged back this evening and the result is that I feel more sore and damaged. I still cannot relax fully to enjoy it yet. "It takes a few days," they all say. Yes, a few days before I slap you silly for lying to me..

What is acupuncture? Well, it's very simple! Basically it is the acute puncturing of your back/legs/arms/hands/head/itreallygoesonfromhere.

Just kidding. Mostly, anyway.

Acupuncture is an ancient Chinese practice used to relieve muscles and tendons that might have experienced cramping, soreness, or any sort of damage from day to day activities. An acupuncturist typically will pinpoint the exact areas of stress and cramping before inserting tiny needles into the problematic area.

It is also crucial not to only focus on one area because as our friend explained, once one spot of the body is injured, another area of the body will overcompensate for the loss of strength in that area and therefore everything becomes uneven. For example, if your right shoulder hurts, your left shoulder muscle will work double time to make up for the loss and soon enough, your left shoulder might start hurting too! Can we say counterproductive?

Yes, this does sound incredibly painful and does not feel any better BUT it is true that you cannot prevent any more damage to yourself before taking care of the damage already caused. Makes any sense yet?

Anyway, after my what-felt-like-an-eternity acupuncture experience came the acupressure. Ouch ouch. Acupressure, in case you did not know, is accusing pressure on someone. Ok, just kidding again.

It is using extreme pressure to reinforce the acupuncture areas, specifically my back in this case, and oh yes, it is used to torture people. Again, only half-kidding. =)

My assessment of the overall experience? Painful but I feel ok, I guess we'll have to see in a couple of days.


  1. acupuncture = joy-kill. killer of joy, or bringing joy while killing.

    only half-kidding. how interesting!

  2. "acute puncturing of your..." LOL!!
    my mom tried it before, and she said it wasn't painful at all... guess she had too much fat. :p