Friday, July 3, 2009

Durian = Raw Sewage?

Could this be? Did you see? ..Er.. I mean, smell?

According to my recent fantastic Borders find, 101 Things You Need to Know ... and Some You Don't! by Richard Horne and Tracey Turner, I read a fact that I felt I had to share. Durian turns out to be one of the top three smelliest things known to date! Hahaha to my mom who always complains about having to eat it outside the office because of its unpleasant smell. =)

This book listed three items that contain high levels of sulfur that causes high levels of dissatisfaction and those are:
1. Skunks that release an odor as a type of attack when its safety is being threatened.
2. The Corpse Flower which blooms once every few years in order to attract beetles and flies. It was a recent attraction at the Arcadia Arboretum where I watched brave reporters get up close and personal only to turn to their cameras to confirm the flower's great stench.
3. DURIAN! They listed that it smells very much like raw sewage and is banned from public transportation in Singapore.

Seriously, I only laugh about this because I know that my loverly boyfriend is a great durian fact, his left bicep reveals a tattoo of a large durian fruit. So it made me laugh that the beloved fruit that he constantly defends was being compared to raw sewage. Hahah

Actually I have tried durian milkshake (where it is properly diluted) and though it was not horrible, it did not turn out to be a favorite. I still feel that the smell is quite difficult to get use to but then again, it is always about personal preference. Though I like stinky tofu for its delectable name and taste, many may disagree. Seriously, if you do really like durian, then great! Since less people are able to tolerate it, it just means more for you! =) Well, preferably more for you but a few feet away from me =)

AND! Everyone should either look this book up because it contains many interesting facts and tidbits that you can use to apply in your daily lives. Need an example? Why? Wasn't the awesome smelliest fact enough? No? Ok, well for example, it lists a few ways to avoid being struck by lightning during a storm. So, during an indepth dinner conversation with friends or family, you can say: "Oh yes, that is interesting. Did you know that you are not suppose to leave your car during a lightning storm or touch anything metal inside the vehicle?" Your dinner conversations will become stellar!


  1. excellent idea! next time when i run into an awkward moment with someone i just met, i'll be sure to whip out the book and give some hot tips on avoiding death!

  2. does it say anything about how to avoid bird poop attacks?