Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Awww So Sweet =D

I love friends who love me too =)

It is easy to neglect the ones we love and are comfortable with because we are constantly
surrounding one another with support, care, and love. Do you consistently tell your parents and siblings that you love them? Probably not because it may seem weird and drama/soap opera-like to do that out of the blue. But why wait till you are in a serious situation or battling a life-threatening disease before you tell someone that you love them?

Well, I honestly often forget to thank my family and friends verbally for what they do for me. Whether it be offering a shoulder to cry on, an ear to listen, a hand to slap some sense into me...well, that one is a bit difficult to say thank you to but anyway... Every little thing big or small is deeply appreciated and I do think that it is necessary to remember and appreciate.

My friends have lately gone traveling or just random shopping and have brought back things that reminded them of me.

The t-shirt was a gift from Ms. May Sun on behalf of my inability to text out to others. THANK YOU MAY! I appreciate the spontaneous gift and will have to figure out a way to thank you every day. (I am a rhyming genius!)

The bone shaped paper clips was from Val! My Val gal who just saw them and thought that I would like them, well yes I do! So thank you thank you. =D

Nothing was asked for, it was all out of the blue. It is such a beautiful surprise and wonderful feeling when I receive something for no reason other than for just being a friend. I am so grateful and I have resolved that I am going to start making an effort to thank everyone I love in my life.

Thank you, everyone. Thank you so much.

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