Wednesday, July 29, 2009

I like it! Or do I?

So do you ever find that you are jet set on choosing one item for lunch and then you see that everyone else on your table has chosen another item? Do you change your mind because hey, maybe their item is so delicious that you would be a fool to choose otherwise? OR are you one of those people who are given a menu and it takes you forever and a day to choose anything? Do you even end up choosing something for yourself or do you just follow someone's advice instead?

Choices choices but which one is right?

It is indeed difficult to make your own choice but I am not sure which is worse. Not having a strong opinion and being swayed by others or having a strong opinion but changing it because you let yourself be swayed by others. I am the latter of course. I look at two colors and choose green with a confident grin. And then I look at the yellow and think, maybe I am wrong again?

Then again, what dignifies that any choice is bad or good? What determines if something is chic or sophisticated? Is it really based on the standards of society?

I question this because I found myself on the Las Vegas strip last weekend walking around and observing the architecture. If you have not been there I am not sure if you know that many renowned designers have banned together to add their individual massive structural elements to the happening Vegas strip. As I walked by these structures I was impressed and amazed by their contorting geometric forms and interplay with contrasting materials. However, I stopped in mid-amazement to question myself, what makes these structures so impressive? Is it really that they are impressive to me or is it just that I understand what impresses the mass public and I am just giving into their standards?

When an untrained eye looks at a Frank Gehry creation, such as the Walt Disney Concert Hall, do they just go "ooh" and "ah" because it is different and so-called, "design?" Because if that is the case, anyone can go out there and crumble pieces of paper together and tear them apart to create their versions of design structures but it is not so simple. Of course, I do have respect for Frank Gehry's creations, I am not attacking anyone. I am merely making a point.

If you do read about a designer's motives and reasons for creating their versions of art, you will begin to either respect the design or dislike it. Either way, you should not make an opinion upon first judgment because then it would not be your opinion.

So now I figure that I have an opinion on food, colors, book, or whatever because these common things have interjected throughout my life. Design, however, I am going to not just succumb to standards set out by existing designers and critics by just gazing in admiration at everything they say you should gaze at. I will do my research, read on my own (ick for reading on my own! haha) and form my own opinion. This way I will own it. Sounds weird? YOU'RE weird!

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Awww So Sweet =D

I love friends who love me too =)

It is easy to neglect the ones we love and are comfortable with because we are constantly
surrounding one another with support, care, and love. Do you consistently tell your parents and siblings that you love them? Probably not because it may seem weird and drama/soap opera-like to do that out of the blue. But why wait till you are in a serious situation or battling a life-threatening disease before you tell someone that you love them?

Well, I honestly often forget to thank my family and friends verbally for what they do for me. Whether it be offering a shoulder to cry on, an ear to listen, a hand to slap some sense into me...well, that one is a bit difficult to say thank you to but anyway... Every little thing big or small is deeply appreciated and I do think that it is necessary to remember and appreciate.

My friends have lately gone traveling or just random shopping and have brought back things that reminded them of me.

The t-shirt was a gift from Ms. May Sun on behalf of my inability to text out to others. THANK YOU MAY! I appreciate the spontaneous gift and will have to figure out a way to thank you every day. (I am a rhyming genius!)

The bone shaped paper clips was from Val! My Val gal who just saw them and thought that I would like them, well yes I do! So thank you thank you. =D

Nothing was asked for, it was all out of the blue. It is such a beautiful surprise and wonderful feeling when I receive something for no reason other than for just being a friend. I am so grateful and I have resolved that I am going to start making an effort to thank everyone I love in my life.

Thank you, everyone. Thank you so much.

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

We Are The Champions!

We are the champions! No time for losers 'cause we are the champions... of the world!

Does that pump you up? Ready to run the 26 miles? Ready to bungee jump off the Golden Gate Bridge?

My blog question (blogtion) (sorry) for the day is: Do motivational songs or speeches really work?

I admit first-hand that I am a victim of over thinking everything. It is probably called the Over Thinking Everything Disease = OTED... well, I did say 'probably.' I have been in countless situations where motivational speeches are given to really get everyone worked up. I look around at the widened eyes, at the tensed up faces, at the growing crowd that is hungry for the verbal encouragement. Then I look at the speaker and admire their passion, their fire, their excitement! I am proud to be standing in the middle of history (however small or large) in the making.


Yes, there is almost always a 'but' to my blogs.

I am the type of person who is standing in the middle of an excited crowd or in front of a encouraging authority figure and instead of digesting their words and emotions, I am admiring the situation. I look at the people and feel happy that they are being motivated but not really taking in enough of the words to feel it myself. Sense the loss of connection here?

I always wonder if these speeches actually work on people because they seldom work on myself. Do people just hear the words and try to let themselves be sort of tricked to believe what they are suppose to believe? Is that motivation or brain washing? If I really did not believe in a cause but someone is spouting on about the difference we can make by raising awareness, I most likely will try to spread the word and raise money because it seems like the right thing to do. But when I look back, wait a minute, did I really believe in that cause? Or was it out of guilt?

I believe I am now straying from the main topic so... I find myself feeling that rush to make a change in the world and in the midst of doing so I would usually begin thinking like... well, let me offer an example:

Speaker: "We need to be the ones to stand up and make things right again! We are the new generation, let us not watch our planet become destroyed by ____(you name it!)!"

Me: Wow, she is so right! Let's go out there and clean up parks or start recycling programs or... wow, that speech was really done well, I think I am being motivated! Look, those people are motivated too! Well, she definitely is a good speaker, look at how her gestures really reenforce her words. Good job, lady! Oh and that person over there looks impressed. I wonder if they will go home and share this speech with their families. I wonder how many people are here, are they really listening? ...etc...nonsensical train of thought continues

I do like these speeches and after trying to give many of them in my classes to my students, I do wonder how many of them absorb what I am saying. Do they start to become distracted by the speech itself like I tend to?

Oh well, I suppose I will know someday when either someone shows vast improvement in their attitude and discipline or when someone falls asleep standing up while I am speaking.

How is everyone else suriving the heat?

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Cool as a Cucumber

Ways you can use a physically chilled cucumber:

- Cut it into slices and place them on your eyes to depuff and de-swell?
*However, if you have folded saggy eyes like mine, the cucumber can depuff your eyes so much so that you lose your eyelid. Argh.

- Cut into pieces to use in salads and sandwiches for a crunchy and refreshing texture.

- Soak in pickled juice to help it transition into a pickle. But then again, why would anyone want to do that?

(This is where it goes Ophe-ized)

- Cut into a wedge shape and use it as a doorstop.

- Hold it firmly with a tight grip to use against attackers.

- Clean it, grab it, and take a bite. Makes you feel like you own the world.

- Decorate them and make them into Veggie Tales characters. One can be named Cu Cu.

Ok, that is no longer making sense. Time to end the blog post!

Carrot Cake AGAIN?

After every meal, every drink, every ... breath? After every other minute, carrot cake is offered to me. Again and again. And who is this mystery figure who made this delicious but terribly haunting carrot cake?


Enough said.


LA is One Hot Muggy Sauna

This Friday is the day Olivia's friends finally pay us a visit from North Cal. (By the way, I know that most North Cal people are haters of us So Cal people but we're cool ;D ) Anyway, for the past few weeks, I have listened *eavesdropped* on her conversations with her friends and have had to listen to many reassurances that coming to LA will not suffocate their delicated I'm-use-to-60-degree-weather bodies.

Well, yes it is quite hot. Let me rephrase that, it is freaking hot! But there will be no body melting here.

Since her friends have been so kind to agree to visit for the weekend, we have been desperately trying to figure out what fun things we can entertain them with. Unfortunately, every suggestion thrown out there has been considered, shot down, reconsidered, and then laughed at. So Mimi and Anna, if you two are reading this, you basically will come here and sit in silence till it is time for you to go back home.

Every suggestion had to involve either hitting the beach (not literally because I'm not sure how that can be done) or going to a mall/movie theater in order to escape the heat. Now this is the part of the brainstorming where we realize, is that all we do in the summer? Head to a beach or head to a mall? Riveting.

Which brings me to another topic regarding the beach and the blazing heat. Everyone MUST wear sunblock before leaving the house! We recently graced the beach with our presence and the sun basically slapped us all on the face (back, shoulders, arms, legs, chest) for not putting on enough sunblock. Now, trust me when I say that we reapplied. A LOT. But it wasn't enough to prevent the sun's damaging rays to burn, baby, burn. So wherever you are planning to go, whether it be the beach or mall or beach mall (wouldn't that be cool?) please make sure you are covered with sticky, smelly, uncomfortable sunblock or else you will be burnt like ...well, burnt stuff.

Now if you are burned and this blog post is a bit late for you, here are some suggestions to save your skin. First of all, go find aloe vera. If you don't grow this in your garden, go buy some lotion or gel that has this plant. If you DO own some, go cut a few pieces, split them open, and plant them on your face! (tee hee, get it?) The aloe vera will cool down your skin and protect the moisture. After softly showering, don't scrub too hard or exfoliate, make sure you put on face lotion and body lotion. Good luck!

Anyhoo, back to our first issue, now that we are down to the same two reject suggestions, I suppose we will have to rely on our entertainment skills to fight off Olivia's friends' boredom. Maybe I should spend the weekend teaching them how to avoid sunburn! Genius!

Redefining my Project 10 Pan

Ok, so it's been close to a month and I realized that if I pulled a fully committed Project 10 Pan, it would take me like 2 years to finish. Yes, that IS a long time! So because of my lack of consistent makeup usage, I decided to redefine this project and make it workable for me.

First of all, I am drastically cutting spending on makeup but I am allowing myself opportunities to not miss out on. =)

1. If I find discounted prices on brands I am committed to (ie. MAC) at places like the Cosmetic Company Store, then I allow myself to buy what I can afford.
2. If there are limited edition items that will slip slip slip away from me forever, then I will consider purchasing them.

That is all! So no more purchasing any full priced items unless it is limited edition and really favored. So, that is my new commitment and I think I can do this with a lot more ease. So I wonder if anyone else has started their own project and how that is going?

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Hole-y Back

You lay down on a massage table and expect to go, "Ahhh..." unlike my experience which pretty much went, "AHHHHH!!!"

I just had acupuncture done on my sore and damaged back this evening and the result is that I feel more sore and damaged. I still cannot relax fully to enjoy it yet. "It takes a few days," they all say. Yes, a few days before I slap you silly for lying to me..

What is acupuncture? Well, it's very simple! Basically it is the acute puncturing of your back/legs/arms/hands/head/itreallygoesonfromhere.

Just kidding. Mostly, anyway.

Acupuncture is an ancient Chinese practice used to relieve muscles and tendons that might have experienced cramping, soreness, or any sort of damage from day to day activities. An acupuncturist typically will pinpoint the exact areas of stress and cramping before inserting tiny needles into the problematic area.

It is also crucial not to only focus on one area because as our friend explained, once one spot of the body is injured, another area of the body will overcompensate for the loss of strength in that area and therefore everything becomes uneven. For example, if your right shoulder hurts, your left shoulder muscle will work double time to make up for the loss and soon enough, your left shoulder might start hurting too! Can we say counterproductive?

Yes, this does sound incredibly painful and does not feel any better BUT it is true that you cannot prevent any more damage to yourself before taking care of the damage already caused. Makes any sense yet?

Anyway, after my what-felt-like-an-eternity acupuncture experience came the acupressure. Ouch ouch. Acupressure, in case you did not know, is accusing pressure on someone. Ok, just kidding again.

It is using extreme pressure to reinforce the acupuncture areas, specifically my back in this case, and oh yes, it is used to torture people. Again, only half-kidding. =)

My assessment of the overall experience? Painful but I feel ok, I guess we'll have to see in a couple of days.

Saturday, July 11, 2009

I think the heat's getting to me.

Has anyone tried Naked juice? It's really fun to play on words because people always slip (and not always inadvertently) and say things like, "I really want to get Naked today" or "Do you want to drink Naked?" Heheh

Well, if you haven't tried the variety of flavors, I suggest you check them out at your local Costco in case they are offering samples for passersby to try out. It is pretty good but takes time to get use to, I know what you might be thinking, "Why? It's just juice!" No, my friend, that it is not.

Naked Juice is quite unique in its blend of flavor and consistency. There is one that combines all green veggies together to create a very specific taste that I cannot describe. It's not bad but looks awful. The consistency is also something to get use to as it is more smoothie-like than juice but not thick enough to really be in the smoothie family.

Oye, I am just sitting here in the enjoyable *sarcasm* heat sipping my syrup juice while watching MythBusters which btw is an awesome show.

Just thought I'd share. What is everyone else doing in this heat?

Friday, July 10, 2009

Welcome Back, Stella!

It was merely noon when my sister's friend dropped off our hamster friend, Stella. I did not take much notice to the familiar large multi-colored, multi-tiered, multi-difficult-to-clean cage for the majority of the day. It was not until an hour ago when I heard her scurrying around her cage from one end to the next and straight to the wheel did I actually take a gander at her cute face and thought, "Oh my."

Stella has grown!

Are dwarf hamsters suppose to be the size of my LG chocolate phone? Err, probably not.

I could not help but stare at the frantically pacing ball of fur and think, what is her daily life like? She sleeps through most of the day and spends most of her nights just running around the cage without much of a goal. Well, unless her ultimate goal was to run around the cage of course. Otherwise, what is she thinking?

Could she possibly be pondering the economic crisis that surrounds us today? Is she concerned about all the education funding that has recently been cut? Or maybe she is just wondering if she should bring her food to the north side of the cage or the south side of the cage.

Who knows? *cue eerie Twilight music

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Peanut Butter Jelly Time

Ah, just finished a lengthy group discussion in the remnants of my living room. I say that because if you could see it... Anyway, I find that from time to time, I get into serious/fun discussions with people about social norms, values, or just about life and all those who surround us.

It's not really that odd because I believe a good healthy relationship (whether it be with family, friends, or boyfriend/girlfriend) it is important not to shy away from serious topics. It is necessary to share ideas, views, and opinions on things because it allows other to understand you as an individual. After all, you cannot always play the role of the constant nodder. And no, that's not a word.

Anyway, this particular discussion focused around the friends who surround us and their particular role in our lives. It is evident that we go through life picking and choosing our counterparts, seeing which people fit into our jigsaw of life. It is true that it is a trying process, some pieces seem to fit but in the end when the eyes begin to really focus, some just don't fit at all.

That is how I feel that everyone forms their circles of friends, the closest ring is the closest friends, the next comprises of those who are good acquaintances, and so on and so forth. It may seem cruel but it is a necessary practice to partake in because you should always surround yourself with good people. But sometimes good people may not share the same humor or outlook on life and so they are pushed to that second ring.

From the very beginning we form our friendships with those we associate with most frequently. And as we grow older, we expand our circle to include others. But there are also times when we realize certain friendships are no longer beneficial so we slowly let go of one another. It seems so sad to type out but it's true! If you really had an interest in maintaining a friendship, you would sought out that person right?

Anyway, I'm getting ahead of myself, what I am really trying to say is that each one of us plays an important role in society. (Yes, I did stray far!) We are always evolving and learning different things in life, things that maybe our friends/family members have not given attention to yet. Well, our important role is to positively influence each other so we can all continue to better ourselves. Even with your own social peers, you may see flaws in each other that could stand to be corrected while maintaining the friendship, would you point it out?

It is difficult, especially from someone like me who is quite timid and afraid of confrontation. I have been teaching for the past 7-8 years and I know that just as an authority figure in classes, my actions and words influence those around me. The younger the student is, the more naive they are to quickly imitate. Well, if we do in fact become wiser with age, we should be able to spot our weaknesses and sought to fix them! GO TEAM!

But there truly something called 'tough love.' You may need to play the "bad cop" role to help someone see what they are blind to but you may be disliked for it. It is always hard to see why someone is treating you with such harshness without quickly jumping to the conclusion that they are doing it out of spite. This isn't always true, sometimes it's hardest to be mean to someone you like.

Most times we are quick to judge one another without taking a step back and looking at ourselves. We play an important role in each others lives, and though you may not be aware, it is always monkey see monkey do no matter what age. At a workplace, if you see a coworker consistently going up to their superior asking for more work and getting recognition, wouldn't it be silly not to try to do that yourself? See? We always try to imitate what strengths we see in each other. So that is my point, your weaknesses may seek a solution. But it is your strengths that will catch someone's attention. You should always be aware that your words and actions will affect someone.

So go out there and do some good for yourself. And some day, report back.

Also, there is nothing about peanut butter or jelly time anywhere in this post except this sentence but I thought it would capture your attention more. =)

Monday, July 6, 2009

Project 10 Pan

Yes, I am officially stating it. I, Ophelia, am officially on Project 10 Pan.

In case you do not know what Project 10 Pan is, it is a commitment that you put yourself through to finish 10 items from your makeup collection before purchasing anything else. This is very similar to ... a diet. Yes, I am on a makeup diet.

Not that my collection is really THAT huge, but big enough even for myself to know to stop.

Not everything but close enough.

..sigh =(

The reason why I am sharing this on my blog is that I realized since starting this commitment (a measly week ago) is that almost everyone I know has a similar obsession with things in their lives, not necessarily makeup of course. Some are obsessed with purchasing brand name purses, video games, airsoft accessories (*ahem), and even coffee. Perhaps it would be a good idea for everyone to step back once in awhile to look at what they have and decided whether or not to back off for a bit.

So, though I am not urging everyone to go on a Project whatever Pan, I am just saying that sometimes we urge to obtain something we want but not always what we need. AND make sure whatever you purchase you will use because it's easy to get excited, bring it home and not know what to do with it. Ok enough inward sighing. With a heavy heart, I turn back to my existing collection and read hungrily about upcoming collections with trepidation. don't count as me cheating you know =D

Sunday, July 5, 2009

Tips for Better Skin

It's time to smack that acne in the face! Yes, smack acne = smacne! Wow! I'm good...

I am not an expert on acne or skin care, but knowing the effects of the summer's effects on skin, I decided to do some research to aid any sweltering heat survivors.

***And if you already knew these things, well then la-dee-dah you show off... =) And if you didn't, don't worry! I learned a lot of this a lot later than I should have!

Smacne Tips 101 ..not really, but here's a few tips...

- Thou shalt moisturize every single day: morning AND night. Yes, I know that the last thing you want to do every morning or night is to slather any type of product on your face, but this is necessary.

Directions for the a.m. : Every morning when you wake up, wash your face with a mild cleanser and apply face lotion that has spf. (Face lotion is more gentle and spf is a must!)

Directions for the p.m. : After you shower at night or after you wash your face before sleeping, apply night cream after your face has dried. *It is more effective if you apply it after washing because your face will absorb the product more.

- Thou shalt wash your face with a gentle daily cleanser every day and exfoliate every once or twice a week. It is important to cleanse all the dirt and oils accumulated on your face and skin to prevent blockage from your pores. But you cannot exfoliate every single day in fear of drying out your skin too much by scrubbing off layers of skin too often.

- Thou shalt moisturize your face whether it is dry OR oily. A lot of people assume that because their face is oily, they do not need to moisturize but this is a false false falsie. ***I use Clinique Dramatically Different Lotion

- Thou shalt clean off all makeup before sleeping. This is a must.

- Thou shalt not wear makeup 24/7. Give your face a rest! Even though many of the products list the many ways it helps your face, the bottom line is that you are still placing chemicals on your face. Let's go au natural once in a while.. natural = beautiful!

- Thou shalt use a toner every once or twice a week to clean face and tighten skin. BUT do not overdo this one because I swore for almost 2 years that using a toner everyday to dry my skin would get rid of the acne but it got to a point where drying out my skin too much caused acne! Can someone say counter-productive? Oh, you can eh? Oils protect the skin so we just want to wash away dirt, not our skin protectors.

- Thou shalt drink lots and lots of liquid to stay hydrated and healthy.

- Thou shalt also sleep more to keep yourself healthy.

- Thou shalt not squeeze pimples! It scars! Ok, I know it's though not to so just do not squeeze them without cleaning your hands first and do not touch them till you see the whiteheads nearing the top! I read that pimples are pores clogged with bacteria so if you pop them and do not do it carefully, you can spread the bacteria to other parts of your face!

and finally,

- Thou shalt take a break once in a while to prevent stress and overexhaustion. Stress = acne! Stressne? Ok, I'll stop..for now. =)

I hope this helped someone in someway, if all else fails then we'll have to resort to the backup plan. And what is that exactly? Do you want to know? Come closer...

Let's just forget about it and just enjoy life =)

Saturday, July 4, 2009

Happy Fireworks Day!

Happy Independence Day to those who celebrate it! I wish everyone a safe and enjoyable day of barbeques, swimming, and colorful fireworks!

To hide from the crowds of people gathering in parks and beaches, my family and I have decided to celebrate by buying takeout and watching the unrelated film, Independence Day.

Remember that film? Well, if not - what are you waiting for?

I could not think of a better time to share a fun story with everyone than this very day of firework-ing. Last night, my dad revealed to us that years ago (and when I say years ago, I do mean YEARS ago) he had a firecracker explode in his hands. While this surprised me, it did definitely was not considered a 'shocker.' My intellectually superior father never ceases to amaze me with all his infinite wisdom and methods. I gazed at him with admiration as he informed us all that every youthful boy in his neighborhood use to justify their means of existence by taking turns to throw firecrackers at one another during Chinese New Year celebrations.

"Did you have rules against hitting each other's heads or faces?"

"No, we just threw them."

Yes, boys will be boys... Or what I meant to say is: what?!

The male brain is either insanely creative or insanely foolish. I suppose I should just be happy that no limbs were lost but I heed this warning to all those who were planning anything crazy. Please be careful and have fun!

"Tonight we celebrate our Independence Day!"

Friday, July 3, 2009

Durian = Raw Sewage?

Could this be? Did you see? ..Er.. I mean, smell?

According to my recent fantastic Borders find, 101 Things You Need to Know ... and Some You Don't! by Richard Horne and Tracey Turner, I read a fact that I felt I had to share. Durian turns out to be one of the top three smelliest things known to date! Hahaha to my mom who always complains about having to eat it outside the office because of its unpleasant smell. =)

This book listed three items that contain high levels of sulfur that causes high levels of dissatisfaction and those are:
1. Skunks that release an odor as a type of attack when its safety is being threatened.
2. The Corpse Flower which blooms once every few years in order to attract beetles and flies. It was a recent attraction at the Arcadia Arboretum where I watched brave reporters get up close and personal only to turn to their cameras to confirm the flower's great stench.
3. DURIAN! They listed that it smells very much like raw sewage and is banned from public transportation in Singapore.

Seriously, I only laugh about this because I know that my loverly boyfriend is a great durian fact, his left bicep reveals a tattoo of a large durian fruit. So it made me laugh that the beloved fruit that he constantly defends was being compared to raw sewage. Hahah

Actually I have tried durian milkshake (where it is properly diluted) and though it was not horrible, it did not turn out to be a favorite. I still feel that the smell is quite difficult to get use to but then again, it is always about personal preference. Though I like stinky tofu for its delectable name and taste, many may disagree. Seriously, if you do really like durian, then great! Since less people are able to tolerate it, it just means more for you! =) Well, preferably more for you but a few feet away from me =)

AND! Everyone should either look this book up because it contains many interesting facts and tidbits that you can use to apply in your daily lives. Need an example? Why? Wasn't the awesome smelliest fact enough? No? Ok, well for example, it lists a few ways to avoid being struck by lightning during a storm. So, during an indepth dinner conversation with friends or family, you can say: "Oh yes, that is interesting. Did you know that you are not suppose to leave your car during a lightning storm or touch anything metal inside the vehicle?" Your dinner conversations will become stellar!

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Happy Birthday!

First off, I just want to give a shoutout to one my best friends from high school: Happy Birthday Val!

And of course, because all things have some sort of relevance, my dedication to my friend has kick started a new blog post. Birthdays. We all celebrate them in large and small ways: every year in every way. As we continually grow older, I really believe that we should not take for granted what each year has taught us. Though it may seem difficult to grasp on first impression, each year does bring new wisdom through the happy and sad challenges of life.

As a child, birthdays meant more about the celebration of having attention, the proud feeling of becoming another year older than the peers who suddenly seem younger and immature, an indulgence on sugary birthday cakes and soda. Well my friends, those days are ...well, somewhat over.. I feel that now we should have the fun but also take the time to maturely reflect on our personal growth.

I'm sure everyone has heard the ole saying, "Another year older another year wiser." OR "Another year older and none the wiser." I don't think that we should be afraid of growth even if that equates to getting "older" because becoming older means becoming stronger in understanding who we really are and how to really allow ourselves to develop positively.

So it definitely is another year, another reminder to look back at the mistakes made or the triumphs achieved and smile. Besides, there's another thing to look forward to besides cake (which is really important by the way!) and that is enjoying life with the ones you value and remembering that every day counts, every day is another chance to better yourselves and to learn from the past. It would be very handy if we could have erasers for life, but reality shows us that we don't. It is mental, emotional, and physical growth that pulls us through so don't waste it and don't be too juvenile to realize it. I love you all and I hope that if your birthday IS coming up that you
thoroughly enjoy it! I will toast my Long Island to you! =)