Monday, June 29, 2009

What the heck is an Alifr?

Yes, I am wondering the same thing. If you don't know the story already, let me bring you back to square one..the start of thing...back to zero... you get the idea.

On February 21st, a super amazingly talented gal (uh, that's me if you didn't get it) was born and named after a random name found in a book of names. Though this was by no means a new name, there have been a number of confused faces and questionable eyebrows raised. Fast forward through the years and here we are. I still get the occasional, "I'm sorry, what was your name again?" or maybe a, "How do you spell that?" It's fine, it doesn't bother me, not everyone knows how to really spell greatness (err.. again, that's me if you didn't get it.)

My name is Ophelia, yes the same name from Shakespeare's Hamlet. Yes, the same character who went crazy and committed suicide. No, no relation. Anyway, during the recent school semester, we were going through our portfolio process and the unavoidable need to pull 12 hour working schedules to meet deadlines. No sleep = need for coffee.

So we started to pour loads of money into coffee coffee coffee... in fact, people are starting to associate me with coffee. Coffee + Ophe = Cophee? Ew. Nevermind. It became a daily habit to visit the loverly and affordable, Starbucks and Coffee Bean. The process is usually like this:
"Hi, how can I help you?"
"Hello, I'd like a ____"
"Ok, and what is your name?"
*pause* "Ok, that'll be $384"

I do get misspellings almost 90% of the time, mostly seeing: Ofilia, Ophilia, Ofelia. None of which have been incredibly absurd or nonsensical, until one barrista boldly (or foolishly) wrote down, "Alifr."


I don't think I need to tell you how odd it is to come up with Alifr since first it does not sound like Ophelia to me. And secondly, it does not make any sense in the English language to marry these letters together.


Anyway, that is how my youtube channel name originated and how this blogspot name originated. So there you go. This non-name name given to my caramel frappacino will forever haunt me. But only with laughter.


  1. i like it! what a humble way to start things off. i feel like i've known you for years with all the personal information divulged about your Starbucks name.

    keep up the good work, oforkila!

  2. hahaha. i like ofeilo too!